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Antique Auto for Sale: 1946 Cadillac Series 62 Project Car

Cadillac History - 1940 Automobiles

Vintage 1940 Cadillac Luxury Automobiles from History & Heritage page

The War is Over. Life Begins Anew.

1946. World War II had just ended. Across the U.S., automobile manufacturers were retooling their production lines after years of devoting all energies to building tanks and planes to support the war effort.

It was the year that Cadillac introduced their sleek, new Series 62 luxury automobile, featuring rounded fenders, low roofline, and V8 engine under the hood. Only a few thousand of these roadsters rolled off the line, that year. And you can own one.

This lovingly-restored 1946 Cadillac Project Car needs just a few more touches. Once finished, imagine how great you’ll feel cruising down the road in this rare Series 62 beauty.

1946 Caddy For Sale

Rare 1946 Cadillac Series 62 Project Car for Sale

Lovingly Restored 1946 Caddy, Series 62

This nearly-restored 1946 Series 62 Caddy Project Car has been authentically rebuilt and refurbished by a master mechanic, who simply has no time to tackle the last bits himself, but has the complete car — all the parts, including original owner’s manual and even the advertisements — enabling you to add the finishing touches and then enjoy the fun of tooling down the road for all to see and envy!

If you’ve ever dreamt of restoring a car, owning a vintage Caddy, or simply flipping a car at profit, make an offer, today. Similar Series 62, 1946 Caddy’s have recently sold at auction for $15,000 – 50,000. This one can be had for just $3,000. A bargain any way you look at it.

The Details:

Complete car.

All chrome and full interior.

Body was sandblasted and is in primer.

Completely rewired by auto repair pro.

Garaged in New Jersey at auto mechanic’s facility.

Original workshop manuals & magazine ads included.

About the Owner:

This car is owned by Mike T., an ASE certified Master Mechanic, one of only a handful in the entire country to have achieved and maintained  auto and light truck repair certifications in every single category offered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). His certifications include:

  • A1 – Engine Repair
  • A2 – Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
  • A3 – Manual Drive Train & Axles
  • A4 – Suspension & Steering
  • A5 – Brakes
  • A6 – Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • A7 – Heating & Air Conditioning
  • A8 – Engine Performance
  • A9 – Light Vehicle Diesel Engines

Mike owns and operates an auto repair shop in Sayreville, NJ, which incidentally is also for sale, as he readies for retirement. He has been my trusted mechanic, as well as my friend, for many years. Perhaps you know someone who would enjoy his 1946 Cadillac project car restoration. If so, write to mtucci423 @ yahoo dot com.

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