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About My New Photo… Thank You Steve Berg!

Suzy Kedzierski, B2B Marketing Communications Pro, Writer, Design Enhancer, Problem Solver

Suzy Kedzierski

Thank you to Steve Berg of Insight Photography for my new photo!

He’s a great friend, colleague and, of course, photographer.

Steve not only handles head shots, but was my go-to guy for product photography when I was Marketing Communications Manager at New Brunswick Scientific.


  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Creative
  • Detail oriented
  • A retouching pro
  • Very reasonably priced for the service he provides.

And Steve always goes above and beyond. Figuratively and literally.

I remember the time he was up on a 12′ ladder, hanging paper behind one of our larger stainless-steel fermentors… at about 11 pm, as we were only allowed to start photography AFTER the production crew went home.

Steve always delivers great shots, and delivers them on time, regardless of how much or little time you give him. (More time is always better, but he works with you, if he can, or tells you up front that he just can’t fit it in the schedule. Many a time he rescheduled with other clients – getting their permission of course – to try to meet my needs.)

He works in digital format – as I guess most photographers do today – so that you can see exactly what image you’ve captured before moving on to the next shot; it’s easier to retouch as it’s already in digital format; and, of course, turnaround from shot to delivery is super fast. Being exceptionally visual and detail oriented, Steve usually insists on taking the images back to his office to clean them up before delivery, and he offers retouching services, if asked.

He’s NJ-based, but travels, if needed. Give him a call for your next corporate project. (But do be aware – he’s NOT to be confused with any of the similarly-named companies located elsewhere.) Look him up on LinkedIn under his name… Steve Berg. Good guy. Or contact him at mailto:

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